Providing solutions for over 25 years

We are a complete counseling and EFAP service. Our counselors and therapists are clinically qualified and experienced. We are realistic when dealing with life experiences.

We offer a wide range of services to assist individuals and organizations facing today's complex challenges.

Design, Introduction and Implementation of EFAP

  • Manager/supervisor/shop steward training, referral agent training, information sessions
  • Consultation and coaching - committee, management, union, employees

Addictions Counselling

  • Alcohol, drug, gambling, sex, food, internet
  • Family and workplace interventions

Emotional and Psychological Therapy

  • Anxiety, depression, stress, trauma & crisis, anger, pain, grief

Family, Marriage/Relationship Counselling

  • Communication, marriage/relationship issues, family, child, youth problems, separation, divorce, reconciliation, mediation
  • ADHD assessment/counselling, parenting problems

Critical Incident Stress Debrief

  • Post-trauma group counselling and individual follow-up for critical incidents: industrial accidents; death; suicide; homicide; robbery; threatened suicide/homicide
  • Downsizing, reorganization, job termination

Post traumatic Stress Disorder Therapy

  • Unresolved childhood issues, adult children of alcoholics, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse
  • Hypnotherapy, relaxation/visualization

Psychometric Testing, Vocational Assessment, ADHD Assessment

Debt and Budget Counselling


Workplace Conflict Resolution

Wellness Workshops/Groups/Seminars


Updated June 10, 2016